Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dream a dream

photo via google

i'm now with the truth

to be frank,i do not know

i see nothing in front

looking back i hear only silence

where do i turn? i'm lost

emptiness all around

might even fall, loneliness inside

tougher it seems then ever

never been the feet so cold

close my eye and i hear u call

so then m blown away

in a faraway land i land

and so i dream a dream

Monday, April 26, 2010

before you leave

Summer 2010,Armidale Australia
(myself in the pic)

it is the heart so fragile..when you say;

its someone else..i feel left out

baby please dont leave me here

this place is so dark and i am scared

there's still few more words i wanna say

may be i'm lost but you are the one

may be i'm unfit but baby u should know

you are the one i love..yes you are

sing it one more time, you see me in the blue sky

that you aren't sad even when the sky is clouded

i'll be exactly at the place you left me

if you decide ever to turn back..i'll wait

cuz baby..

you are the one i miss..yes you are! the only one i love

Friday, April 2, 2010


April 2009, me at Coff Hohour, NSW Australia

Until this day, it was difficult breathing

Today i found the place and it’s so peaceful here

I’m away, leaving everything behind

The world in front is only of peace

The one abandoned, mixture of moments

And turning back i smile cuz all you friends

I still see loving as ever! Forgotten fortunes

I still cherish. Seeking comfort for the lost

I never did loose. Singing for the one i love

Innocence drifts away, leaving behind only smile.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

On a cold day

its a cold day yet again..once upon a time i remember

on a day similar to this, along the street towards school

season of autumn it was, never had the autumn been beautiful

as on the day when i spotted you, silent and bold, held with good looks

you smiled, not to every one, i whispered to my best friend

and a glance towards you with a smile of admiration

thats when i was caught, accident i pretended it was

that very moment, a smile you gave and still today i remember

whoa! what a smile that was :)

Of fate

My 23rd Bday present from Kazi
(photo by Jambay)

The one adored turned away, saying;

’ you a good friend of mine, I’m sorry’

Trouble it was, to force a smile and the fate so bitter

Yet, only the ones destined to meet get together

The ones who were not, are yet to find theirs

For there is something true about this untrue living

And it doesn’t matter how true our love is

Nothing ever happens, beyond what’s by fate

Fate we blame, still, living itself is just another fate