Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Along the country road

Year of 2010, on the evening of 7th March
A lonely walk along the lonely road
Few people were on the street
Lovers hand in hand, joggers sweating
And a lonely girl lost in her thought

Quite evening it seemed and the trees waved
She smiled for she understood nature’s talk
A girl child dancing among the fallen leaves
A true smile she wore and a real happiness
For she doesn’t know the world yet

The sun set with a promise so certain
To come up again in the morning
Cheerful as ever and with rays of hope
To bestow on all races with no fondness
Secret to its beautiful setting time

A car went north and a car left north
Alongside the road, few looked impatient
As they wait, to cut the road short
Some towards east and some towards west
How different each of our destinies is?

A mistake made

For it is a lover’s heart you broke 
And a friend’s trust you betrayed

So now, it’s a woman’s heart that’s answering
And a mother’s heart you are dealing with.

 Also, a lover’s revenge cruel than an enemy’s
And a friend’s challenge tougher than a rival’s

Cuz for some, a mistake is a mistake forever
And, any suffering, never enough a punishment

The world indeed, is unfair by itself
And in every sense, at some point in life, we realize

Whats blue got to do with me?

blue and green are my color with reasons not known.

blue is amazing when in the form of tides.
comfort at times of disappointment,
a gifted miracle in the ocean herself!
though the currents can be harsh at times,
blue are waves that link sky to the ocean.
and when the blue fades, thunder roars,
so as to drive away the clouds,
giving the sky a crystal blue look.

out of the blue you came,
willing to take in all my blues.
saw you in blue today..waoo!
incredible how you look in blue,
something just more than a coincidence.
blue suits you well, you looked cute,
handsome sa :) lolz all the more reason,
so as to why blue? out of many!

this feeling in me

You are the one, I can feel
This feeling in me like never before
Where is the voice in me?
Oh my lips! Its become dry
May be the feeling is real
For I hide my stare before you
Still look at you more.

Indeed a fortunate, you feel the same.
How I wish you were near
Hold you once and call mine forever.
Words aren’t clear, I am missing you.

It’s almost dawn, I need to sleep
I love you Kinzang! Easier to write
But I am glad I said it.
Hold me tight when we meet
Do miss me and before I sleep
Wish you, have a goodnight.

It wasn't real

I know..yes i do baby at least now that i have come this far
It was all just a hallucination in me..
When i thought u missed me, it wasn’t real..yes i know
i realized the disorder in me and this stupid dj reminds it all

But baby..
i cry not for the things that didn’t happen
I long for the days we shared..
Words i spoke, i don’t regret
Even now when i know it was all stupid
Baby no, its not the regret..its the destiny that haunts

You never loved me..oh how i wish you cared
its the faith i am blaming cuz never will i want to blame you
even the lord knows, it ain’t my fault either
with days passing, i only see the distance increasing between us

oh yeah..yeah..ummmm the distance
and i know you wouldn’t care the least
ummm ohhh u’mm

But baby..
i cry not for the things that didn’t happen
I long for the days we shared..
Words i spoke, i don’t regret
Even when now i know it was all stupid
Baby no, its not the regret..its the destiny that haunts