Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pausing for a while

There’s been a little too much of an ache,
 Joyous, laughter and happiness
 A mixture of bit everything, thinking of past and now
Life does change every next minute
Knowing the uncertainty of our existence
We all do still smile, the one fascination
Perhaps acceptance is the only choice
This journey is one time and inevitable
Sleep when you want to, eat and relax
Do things you love doing, never out of compulsion
Never under pressure or pretentions
Don’t smile if you dislike and that ‘s okay
Be true, above everyone, to yourself
Grab the moment and be happy if you have a reason
Cuz tomorrow can be hazardous
Everything but the body is uncertain
Love the ones who care about you
Let go the haters cuz thats the only peace
Stop chasing the one who’s already in a race.
Don’t over work; just like the wealth,
Certificates and trophies will remain behind
But of course show the world what you are made of


  1. Hi Lotey, nice one, filled with deep rooted messages...
    These days you are more into verse than prose mosh la... Ny way, i enjoy reading your interesting write ups. Keep posting la. :)

  2. Really enjoyed reading your post. It is awesome, post more, will keep visiting.

  3. don't pause yaar