Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Along the country road

Year of 2010, on the evening of 7th March
A lonely walk along the lonely road
Few people were on the street
Lovers hand in hand, joggers sweating
And a lonely girl lost in her thought

Quite evening it seemed and the trees waved
She smiled for she understood nature’s talk
A girl child dancing among the fallen leaves
A true smile she wore and a real happiness
For she doesn’t know the world yet

The sun set with a promise so certain
To come up again in the morning
Cheerful as ever and with rays of hope
To bestow on all races with no fondness
Secret to its beautiful setting time

A car went north and a car left north
Alongside the road, few looked impatient
As they wait, to cut the road short
Some towards east and some towards west
How different each of our destinies is?


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